crazzzy daddy

Well, my wife has been at a book-keeping and finance class the past 2 days so i've had the kids. We started to run out of the essentials so I had to make a run to the grocery store. Yes, I took all 3 of them!! Here is the picture I snapped just before checkout. Kayla was ready to jump out because Tyler was trying to beat her with the drinkable yogurts.

Fun was definitely had by all!

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jsi said...

Shopping with the crew can be such a terrific example of crisis management - gotta save the gogurt, at all costs. I really enjoyed Giant Eagle's Eagles Nest in Western PA, allowing you to et your children ages 3-12 stay in the playroom while grocery shopping happened. Even though I may have been able to find a cheaper price on the other side of town or by leaving the borough, I stuill think I got a deal by a brief period of peace of mind to choose between the Golden Grahams and Captain Cruncg.
Enjoy your day and I look forward to more of your posts!